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12/02/2011 | | Share

I’m certainly no prophet, but in watching the literal plethora of caffeine products (drinks, shots, strips and more, on top of the traditional coffees, teas and sodas) populating our airwaves and grocery carts, I have a feeling we may very well be looking at our generation’s version of nicotine.  Think about it – when cigarettes first made their way onto the scene, it was cool.  Natural stimulant – feels good – increases energy levels.  No worries, right?  How’d that one turn out?  Fast forward to today, when rather than a simple cup of coffee to start off the day, we’re encouraged to take it to another level.  At every turn, we’re nudged to down a shot of “all natural” (you … MORE

7/26/2011 | | Share

Call me odd (ok, you probably already do), but ever since I was a little kid, I got a charge out of seeing people making purposeful choices to improve their lives. And now, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to hopefully help make at least a small difference in the lives of so many incredible, amazing people across this great country. We’re not the biggest wellness provider (never will be – we’re too focused on each of you as individuals to offer the cheap, generic alternatives), but nobody – NOBODY – cares more about making a difference. And we’ll do (I’ll do!) everything possible to demonstrate that to each of you on a daily and even hourly basis. Blogs are … MORE

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A study was published today that noted the standard advice to “drink 8 glasses of water/day” is a bunch of baloney. I agree – kind of. It should be obvious to anyone that the amount of fluid necessary varies by individual based on a number of factors from exercise levels, sweat rates, etc. However, what’s missed in the discussion (and the research) is the fact that we’re likely to drink about 8 glasses of SOMETHING each day. If it’s not water, it’s likely to be soda (uggh), coffee (affecting depth of sleep), fruit juice (good in small amounts, but high in natural sugar and calories), or energy drinks (say it ain’t so!). If we reach instead for a glass of … MORE

6/03/2011 | | Share

Why participate in a race (whether it’s a 5k run or an Ironman Triathlon)? Bicycling Magazine’s 43 year old Editor in Chief Peter Flax, who admits he’s never a threat to win or even podium in any event of significance, said it so well in the July issue and worth sharing: “For me, the point isn’t to triumph. We spend our so-called modern lives coddled- breezing through airports on people movers, accepting meeting requests nestled in Aeron chairs, engaging cruise control to avoid the demands of the gas pedal. Our amazing muscles and capillaries and neural pathways are built to do something far more profound if we put them to the test.” Well said, Mr. Flax. Well said.

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Parents are busy (understatement of the year?), and time for exercise can be tough. But what if instead of those trips to/from practice being the limiter, they were seen as the opportunity? What if, instead of saying “I can’t exercise because I’ve got to take Johnny to soccer practice,” it became “What a great chance to exercise when I take Johnny to soccer practice!” Obviously this wouldn’t always make sense, but would it sometimes? I consistently see parents at the pool, the track, the park or the gym sitting and watching practice (or reading a book). Perfect setting to get in a jog, swim or even a walk (and set a great example for the kids), with no additional time … MORE

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The Mayo Clinic recently provided their Top 10 Tips for better health. Among the list was eating fruits and veggies, taking a daily walk, including fiber in your diet, volunteering, enjoying a pet, having an attitude of gratitude, regular stretching and strengthening and being optimistic. What would you add to the list? Here’s a link to the article if you’d like to read additional details. Link ::

12/31/2010 | | Share

This year, instead of a short-term “resolution,” consider a New Year’s Strategy. Start by asking the question “What outcome would I like to see in my life by Dec 31st, 2011?” Then, once those are clearly identified, work backward, identifying the specific daily, weekly, monthly actions that will make that outcome a reality. And then finally – commit to regular (weekly) review of those steps to stay the course (within the context of Prov 21:31, of course). 365 days is a LOT of time if we use each and every one of them…  

12/24/2010 | | Share

‘Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the town Everyone was hustling – but wearing a frown   The shopping malls packed to the gills and much more Stress built by the moment – and store by store   But our schedule was set – it was Tempo day you see Harriman Park was calling – Mr. Wilmot, Sims and me   We arrived just like normal – some chatter here and there And prepared our aging bodies to make the most of the fare   Then what to my wondering eyes did appear But 9 other runners – all set in their gear   There was Hamilton, getting on track for St. George With Nugent and Roseman leading the … MORE

9/30/2008 | | Share

I just read an interesting article about the impact of stress in our lives.  And yes – stress is certainly an issue.  But sometimes I think we forget that there are two parts to the impact of stress… Stress – in and of itself- isn’t a “bad” thing. It’s what makes us stronger, faster, more educated, closer in our relationships, etc. Rather, stress is only a problem when the amount of stress exceeds our capacity to tolerate it. Too often, we focus on the outside issues (the stress) rather than enhancing our own ability to tolerate that outside stress. Take a triathlete, for example. As a new participant, running a 10K after the swim and the bike portion of the event is “stressful.” It’s difficult … MORE

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It’s true!  Lance Armstrong will be returning to professional cycling in 2009.  If you’d like to see him discuss it, here’s a link to his site: What does this mean to us – as regular people, participating in an employee wellness program?  A lot!  Lance has all the money he can ever spend.  He’s one of the most recognized individuals on the planet.  He’s well respected.  He’s enjoyed staying in shape as a 3-time marathoner.  And yet, he’s not content to settle. In many ways, improving your own health and wellness involves a commitment to ongoing improvement.  Among the thousands and thousands of clients with whom we work, not one person is perfect.  There’s always room for growth, improvement … MORE

8/29/2008 | | Share

Call me a dreamer (everyone else does- among other things), but articles like this one out of Wake Forest really makes me wonder when the day will come where we require some sort of action on the part of individuals to accompany their prescriptions.  Here’s the article:;xy=5040555.  It demonstrates significantly negative cardiovascular effects to certain types of Diabetes drugs.  This isn’t new, nor will it be the last time.  What if, instead of looking for ways to decrease the costs of drugs, we provided a discount to individuals who – in the case of diabetes – demonstrated consistent activity, weight loss and healthy eating (which obviously all go together)?  The result would be far better long-term health for all involved, cost … MORE

8/20/2008 | | Share

Did you see it?  Big announcement last week based on a national survey.  Companies will be facing “ONLY” an 11% increase in their health care premiums in 2009.  Isn’t that fantastic news? Are you kidding me?  11% increase is good news?  Is anyone else laughing along with me?  Can you imagine if your accounting costs went up 11% (for the 8th straight year)?  Or what if your lease jumped 11% again.  Would that be good news?  Fortunately, some forward-thinking companies have stopped covering their eyes.  They’ve stopped being shocked by the annual increases and started taking action.  They’re initiating an employee wellness program that will not only reduce those health care (and disability!) costs over the long run, but will also … MORE

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Not a week goes by where I don’t hear something along the lines of “I don’t run because it’s bad for you.”  The individual will point to a specific “case study” of someone who died in a marathon or the death of a famous “runner” like Jim Fixx as their own personal research. I have to admit, that while I do my best to engage the individual in a conversation of reason (ie, reminding them that Jim Fixx was a long-time smoker with heart issues before taking up running and likely extended his life span – not shortened it – through his love of running), inside I’m rolling my eyes a bit. Start with the bones and joints (“it’s bad … MORE

7/11/2008 | | Share

This summer, a study came out telling us that the type of plastic (as in water bottles) from which we drink can cause cancer long term if it doesn’t have the right number on the bottom.  Instantly, people of all walks of life were turning over their water bottles, avoiding specific ones, and tossing the “wrong” ones aside.   Great.  It’s fantastic to see people are tuning into the studies and care about their health enough to check something like this.   But I can’t help but wonder if we’re missing the point.    Are the same people who are so careful about their container just as careful about the food and drink they’re ingesting directly?  I’m not talking about taking … MORE

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We just returned from a quick little trip up the road to one of our beautiful state’s “tourist traps.”  The people watching is incredible.  The streets and shops were packed.  Of course, the ice cream cones are around every corner – after all, it’s Independence Day!  ;- ) But seriously – it’s interesting to just sit back and watch.  I’d love to know so much more.  You really can’t tell anything just by looking, regardless of what might seem obvious.  Each person has a story, a history, and hopefully a goal they’re pursuing.  It’s weekends like this that remind me why the model at Wellness Nation is so exciting.  Instead of the “one size fits all” programs that seem to dominate … MORE

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Bike to work day – did you try it?  Obviously many reasons (or excuses not to), from meetings to distance to clothing or available showers at work.  All legitimate reasons. But just the same – have you really made an effort to make it work?  Even if just 1-2 days/week?  Distance?  How about riding part way and taking the bus the rest of the way (yes – most mass transits allow you hook bike to back/side of bus)? Showers?  If not available at work – how about at a nearby recreation center, YMCA or gym? Clothes?  If trying this just a couple of days/week, how about bringing clothes in the other days when driving? Again – it won’t work for … MORE

5/07/2008 | | Share

What do you think?  Core values?  Employee Wellness Provider?   Do they even matter in producing an ROI for your organization in this key area?? Absolutely.  Your wellness provider, unless we’re talking about one of those impersonal, generic wellness programs, is central to the culture of your organization, whispering in the ear of every one of your participating team members.  With that said, we thought you might want to take a peek at some of ours (while not a complete list, it’ll give you an idea):  Each person is a unique individual, created for a purpose The potential of that purpose is optimized as personal health and wellness improves Every individual, regardless of current state of health, can make further gains … MORE

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It’s difficult to open a newspaper without reading something about our politicians – on both sides of the aisle – proposing various ways to “fix our health care system.” One problem – and it’s a major problem – all we’re really talking about with these proposals is determining who’s going to pay for it – not how to actually fix the problem. The problem is that what we traditionally call “health” care isn’t health care at all – it’s SICK care.  We’re waiting until individuals are sick or hurt and THEN kick in the system.  At that point, the costs are immense, and the only solution remaining is figuring out how to pay for it. On the other hand, if … MORE

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Employee wellness – the phrase is used broadly.  It means different things to different people.  Unfortunately for too many – it’s come to be associated with the “Health Police.”  You know what I mean – someone “checking in” with you to make sure you’ve been “good.”  Guilt usually closely associated with this approach.  And long term results?  Guilt usually does well short term (for some), but long term?  Not so much. Then there’s our approach – build a culture.  Provide opportunities for those who have never exercised to get started – in their way.  Or help folks who would like to start eating better to do just that – in a way that fits their lifestyle, time pressures and more … MORE

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With the high gas prices, bicycles are selling at an all-time pace.  Great news, but with more people on bikes, the likelihood of more confrontations between cyclists and automobiles also grows. So who’s at fault for the increased tension between the two camps?  Certainly, drivers must be sure to be careful whenever driving on roads with cyclists, as one small error can mean the end to a cyclist’s life, and at the very least a life-changing injury. But as a cyclist, I think WE need to take greater care in holding up our end of the bargain.  How many times do you see cyclists riding 3 wide in a road meant for single file?  Or flying through a stop sign … MORE