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I had the same question, so I tried it out.  This online tracking system called is supposedly able to tell you how you’re responding to your workouts and whether you need to take a break, dial it down or can go full tilt.  Since I’m consistently guilty of over-training and not exactly knowing when to take a break, I thought it was worth a try. Out of the gate, this is not a service for everyone.  But if you’re serious about your training and tend to push the envelope, it’s definitely worth a look.  After a month of use, I’m encouraged by its potential.  Rather than my traditional strategy of scheduling a recovery week every 3 to 4 weeks … MORE

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Our members know they can receive discounts on a number of products and services that we’ve found intriguing.  But we don’t just take anyone who offers a discount.  We’re careful to be sure the organizations we highlight are a good fit for our members and something worth mentioning in the midst of all the “noise” around us to “try this” or “use that.”  It’s not our goal to add to that noise, but rather to simply mention what we’re seeing, what we think, and then, in many cases with those products we do like, to arrange a discount for our Members.  To enhance this feature, we’ll occasionally highlight some of the items that intrigue us here and then our Members … MORE

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If you’re in Colorado (or ever have an excuse to come visit), then you’ve officially lost your opportunity to ever say “But I’m not a good swimmer” ever again.  Why?  Because SwimLabs, a literal indoor swimming lesson studio run by Michael Mann, is an incredible place that can help anyone become a better swimmer.  When I first visited, I was a bit skeptical.  How can anything be THAT much better from what I’d seen many times before? This is.  You step into one of their Endless Pools, all of which are set up with multiple video cameras in and out of the water, and begin to swim.  Rather than trying to comprehend what he’s telling you, you instantly SEE YOURSELF … MORE

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Take a step back and think for a moment. During your last meal (or even snack), did you choose to eat? Or did you decide to fuel? Eating involves consuming. That consumption is the ultimate goal. There is no “next step” in mind when the choice is to “eat.” Think of a trash compactor. It’s goal is to consume the trash – to put it away as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s exactly what eating involves – consume as efficiently as possible, with no eye on the future. A plethora of calorie dense, “fast” options make that the easy choice. On the other end of the spectrum is to fuel. Fueling is always done with a purpose in mind. … MORE