Truly Personalized & Confidential Premium Coaching

Not all wellness coaching is created equal.  In fact, you're likely to discover that Wellness Nation Premium Coaching surpasses anything you have previously experienced (and yes, we're happy to have you give it a test drive before you commit). Absolutely confidential and extraordinarily personalized, each employee will be matched up with their own personal wellness coach who will really get to know them as an individual. With participation rates that are 10-15 times the industry standard and discussions that are two to five times longer than traditional wellness coaching, relationships form, lives change, positive culture develops and everyone benefits.

High Return on Investment

By now, you're likely well aware that an effective wellness program is not just a valuable benefit for your team members, it's truly a critical strategy for a stronger bottom line.  From reduced health care, disability and sick time expenditures to improved retention and productivity, there are few investments you can make that provide you with a higher return on investment.  For more details, please feel free to access our White Paper on the ROI of Employee Wellness -- or contact us to discuss specifically how an effective employee wellness strategy will benefit your organization both short and long term.

A Customized "HRA Plus" Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessments can provide a valuable baseline. But if you're looking for more than a simple baseline, you may want to investigate our customized "HRA Plus." This tool can be fine-tuned around your specific needs, allows you to slice, dice and drill down more deeply into the data than any tool available through our data cube architecture, and allows your team members to use it as an actual tool throughout the year, rather than acting as a simple one-time snapshot.

Development of an Organizational Culture of Wellness

When it comes to an effective employee wellness program, participation clearly trumps all!  It doesn't matter how "amazing" your wellness program may be if participation is light. Every organization trumps fantastic-sounding participation levels. Wellness Nation goes beyond simple participation to engaged, meaningful participation. We will assist you in developing a high participation (real participation!) strategy that will help create a culture of wellness that permeates the organization and provides you with the desired long term outcomes.

Interactive Web Portal with Contests, Journals, Rewards & much More...

While web tools alone should never be considered an actual wellness program, they can add considerably to an overall wellness strategy. As you will note simply from perusing our public site here, our web portal is built on a foundation that includes cutting edge programming and design. Once inside, our "Members Only" tools and resources provide everything you need to maximize your own personal wellness pursuits. From interactive Contests and Member Rewards to a Personal Dashboard and Social Networking, you'll find it all here (with ongoing updates that keep the portal at the top of the class).

Help Members Become Their Best Selves

Everyone has dreams. We all have room to improve our own lives. And typically the issue isn't "how" to make those improvements, but having a big enough "WHY" to make them worth pursuing. Research demonstrates clearly that this is most effectively realized in the context of an actual relationship (not a call center or a stand-alone web portal). So, while we offer a multitude of tools and resources to support each individual employee, our personalized, relationship-based approach makes the most of every opportunity. Our approach is not to utilize "guilt" or "pressure," but rather to come alongside each participant and provide the support to help each of your team members truly become their own best self.

Comprehensive Employee Wellness Strategy to Meet Your Long Term Goals

An effective wellness program cannot operate in a vacuum. We'll work with you to customize a comprehensive strategy that will allow your organization to meet your long term goals. And while we have never made it our goal to be the cheapest provider in the market (our personalized approach makes that impossible), you can be absolutely certain that you will not find a better value anywhere in the industry. And, as things change within your organization, we're nimble and flexible to grow and change along with you and your needs.