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5/26/2009 | | Share

WASHINGTON — In its effort to overhaul health care, Congress is planning to give employers sweeping new authority to reward employees for healthy behavior, including better diet, more exercise, weight loss and smoking cessation. To read the full article from the NY Times, see this link…

5/25/2009 | | Share

Here’s a brief run-down on a workout the Masters team does 2+ times/month to mimic racing intensity and prep for a top-end performance on race day from 10K – half marathon distances.  To do this workout effectively, you’ll want to select a course that relatively flat or rolling hills.  If rolling hills, choose a direction that will make the “return” trip more difficult than the “out” trip.  Peer interaction is incredibly effective with this workout.  If possible, perform this workout with a group of runners.  They do NOT need to be running a similar pace.  Rather, everyone starts together, turns around at an exact pre-planned time (ie, 30 minutes) and then finish together, with the faster runners trying to “catch” the … MORE