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7/27/2010 | | Share

Here’s one to try if you’re a triathlete facing a race with a big hill in the middle (such as Boulder Peak).  It’s to be performed on a trainer: 10 min warm-up 30 min at just below race pace in Aero position Stand up and go hard for 10-15 minutes (do not touch seat during this phase of the ride – even once) Back into Aero position for 30-40 minutes to equal total expected length of the bike portion of the ride Immediately change into running shoes and run just below race pace for 10 minutes 10 minute warm-down (running or cycling) Go get ’em!

7/09/2010 | | Share

Here’s the track workout for this week.  If you’re not able to join us, feel free to utilize as your own workout in the upcoming week.  Be sure to record your time on the mile for future reference: 10 minute warm-up 2 x 2 min interval at 90% effort and 4 min rest between each 2 x 1 min interval at 90% effort and 2 min rest between each 4 min jog 1 timed mile at full effort 4 x 2 min interval with 2 min rest 10 min warm-down