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12/31/2010 | | Share

This year, instead of a short-term “resolution,” consider a New Year’s Strategy. Start by asking the question “What outcome would I like to see in my life by Dec 31st, 2011?” Then, once those are clearly identified, work backward, identifying the specific daily, weekly, monthly actions that will make that outcome a reality. And then finally – commit to regular (weekly) review of those steps to stay the course (within the context of Prov 21:31, of course). 365 days is a LOT of time if we use each and every one of them…  

12/24/2010 | | Share

‘Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the town Everyone was hustling – but wearing a frown   The shopping malls packed to the gills and much more Stress built by the moment – and store by store   But our schedule was set – it was Tempo day you see Harriman Park was calling – Mr. Wilmot, Sims and me   We arrived just like normal – some chatter here and there And prepared our aging bodies to make the most of the fare   Then what to my wondering eyes did appear But 9 other runners – all set in their gear   There was Hamilton, getting on track for St. George With Nugent and Roseman leading the … MORE