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10/07/2008 | | Share

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A single bout of exercise helps obese individuals boost their body’s fat-burning rate and improve their metabolic health, results of a small study confirm. “This means that exercising, even without losing weight, can benefit individuals in terms of metabolic health,” Andrea Cornford, a graduate student researcher from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, told Reuters Health. “By exercising to increase their ability to burn fat and store fat as triglycerides in muscle, which is beneficial, people reduce their insulin resistance and their likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes,” Cornford explained. To read the rest of the story, see the following link.

10/05/2008 | | Share

Breakfast is well known as the most important meal of the day.  It helps set your metabolism in motion.  But – the value is only there when the contents of the meal are worth eating.  And from the article below, that’s clearly not the case in far too many cereals… WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some breakfast cereals marketed to U.S. children are more than half sugar by weight and many get only fair scores on nutritional value, Consumer Reports said on Wednesday.   A serving of 11 popular cereals, including Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, carries as much sugar as a glazed doughnut, the consumer group found.   And some brands have more sugar and sodium when formulated for the U.S. market than … MORE

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Here is the planned workout for the serious runners (and not-so-serious runners who want to burn some extra calories – these workouts are among the fastest possible ways to burn calories available for you employee wellness individuals out there)… 10 minute warm-up (don’t skimp on this – a good warm-up is critical to a great workout) 6 min interval… 3 min jog 2 min interval… 1 min jog 5 min interval… 2 min jog 3 min interval… 2 min jog 3 x 4 min interval with 2 min jog in between 10 minute warm-down