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2/18/2012 | | Share

After years in the health and wellness industry, it’s rare we come across a new product lives up to the hype.  The Garmin 910XT does that – and more.  While it’s not inexpensive ($399), it’s without a doubt at the top of the list for a serious triathlete who invests extensive time, energy and resources into the sport.  In addition to standard GPS functions for the run, this model also offers the ANT+ to track power on the bike along with all other standard measures (cadence, distance, speed).  The swim functions provide a new training tool for the improving swimmer, as it can track your stroke count by lap or throughout your workout.  Most swimmers would agree that stroke count … MORE

12/25/2011 | | Share

Looking for a new Competitive Challenge? Try Dragon Boat Racing!   Are you a competitive athlete looking for a new challenge? Would you like to find an activity that fosters competition at any age/ability level? The Dragonboat Racing Association of Colorado (DRACO) would love to introduce you to the exciting sport of Dragon Boat Racing! We are a non-profit organization affiliated with the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. Our goal is to promote dragon boat racing locally, and to train competitive dragon boat teams to compete in national and international races. Dragon boat races are held all over the globe, in a wide variety of exotic venues. Of course, Denver also hosts its own prestigious Colorado Dragon Boat Festival each year … MORE

11/30/2011 | | Share

Much attention has been given to the idea of “Barefoot Running” since the publishing of the book Born to Run (most definitely worth a read, by the way).  And the Vibram 5 Finger Shoes have reaped great benefits from this latest trend.  If you were to pick up a Runner’s World shoe review issue just 3 years ago, Vibrams didn’t even make the cut.  Now an entire category of “minimalist” shoes is being featured – for good reason.  If you’ve not tried the Vibrams, they’re definitely worth checking out.  But do not make the mistake of suddenly switching over to them from your “normal” running shoes.  Rather, gradually ease into them, adding a few minutes each day and transitioning over … MORE

9/24/2011 | | Share

We get a lot of questions about various diets, and it seems there’s a new one everyday. But one that seems to have faced (and passed) the test of time, is the Paleo Diet. The first major aspect about this is it really isn’t a “diet” in the classic sense of being something you do temporarily to lose weight (which rarely, if ever, works long term, as you well know). Rather, it’s a strategy for living and pursuing enhanced health. In a nutshell, the Paleo Diet (sometimes called the Caveman Diet) eliminates dairy, refined sugar, processed food and cereal grains from your fueling plan. Instead, you focus on (almost) unlimited amounts of low glycemic fruits and veggies, along with lean … MORE

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Are you one of the many, many individuals who must take an allergy into account when going out to eat? We stumbled across this new site that makes it much easier to find a restaurant nearby that will take good care of your needs. Check it out:

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I had the same question, so I tried it out.  This online tracking system called is supposedly able to tell you how you’re responding to your workouts and whether you need to take a break, dial it down or can go full tilt.  Since I’m consistently guilty of over-training and not exactly knowing when to take a break, I thought it was worth a try. Out of the gate, this is not a service for everyone.  But if you’re serious about your training and tend to push the envelope, it’s definitely worth a look.  After a month of use, I’m encouraged by its potential.  Rather than my traditional strategy of scheduling a recovery week every 3 to 4 weeks … MORE

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Our members know they can receive discounts on a number of products and services that we’ve found intriguing.  But we don’t just take anyone who offers a discount.  We’re careful to be sure the organizations we highlight are a good fit for our members and something worth mentioning in the midst of all the “noise” around us to “try this” or “use that.”  It’s not our goal to add to that noise, but rather to simply mention what we’re seeing, what we think, and then, in many cases with those products we do like, to arrange a discount for our Members.  To enhance this feature, we’ll occasionally highlight some of the items that intrigue us here and then our Members … MORE

3/05/2011 | | Share

If you’re in Colorado (or ever have an excuse to come visit), then you’ve officially lost your opportunity to ever say “But I’m not a good swimmer” ever again.  Why?  Because SwimLabs, a literal indoor swimming lesson studio run by Michael Mann, is an incredible place that can help anyone become a better swimmer.  When I first visited, I was a bit skeptical.  How can anything be THAT much better from what I’d seen many times before? This is.  You step into one of their Endless Pools, all of which are set up with multiple video cameras in and out of the water, and begin to swim.  Rather than trying to comprehend what he’s telling you, you instantly SEE YOURSELF … MORE