Garmin 910XT
2/18/2012 | | Share

After years in the health and wellness industry, it’s rare we come across a new product lives up to the hype.  The Garmin 910XT does that – and more.  While it’s not inexpensive ($399), it’s without a doubt at the top of the list for a serious triathlete who invests extensive time, energy and resources into the sport.  In addition to standard GPS functions for the run, this model also offers the ANT+ to track power on the bike along with all other standard measures (cadence, distance, speed).  The swim functions provide a new training tool for the improving swimmer, as it can track your stroke count by lap or throughout your workout.  Most swimmers would agree that stroke count is a critical measure for improvement, but it’s rare that athletes will consistently count their stroke over time.  Now you don’t have to – just lay it next to your computer when returning home and you can review your entire swim (as well as run and bike) workout in detail.  In addition, there is a multi-sport set-up that allows the user to utilize this took during races without having to make specific adjustments on the go.

This new tool may offer far more than you need.  But for the committed triathlete, we think you’ll find this new tool to bring extraordinary value to your training.

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