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Wellness Nation is pleased to now be serving organizations in 16 states plus the District of Columbia. THANK YOU to all of our tremendous clients across the US who have trusted us to come alongside and make a difference in the lives of your team members!!!

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One of our long-time partners, The Children’s Hospital of Denver, was once again recognized by US as one of the top children’s hospitals in the country (#5 nationally among children’s hospitals and the only Colorado hospital to make the US News Honor roll). The Children’s Hospital of Denver currently has over 2,300 of their employees actively participating in the Wellness Nation personalized wellness program. We absolutely consider ourselves extremely blessed to have been selected as their ongoing partner in creating a personalized approach to helping each individual employee become their best self as they serve the children of Colorado. Keep up the great work TCH!!

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Wellness Nation was extremely pleased to be recognized as winner of a Gold Star Certificate from the Better Business Bureau Denver/Boulder for 2008-2010. This unique honor recognizes BBB Accredited organizations that have had no complaints over the past 3 years. We are thankful to all of our fantastic partners and participants for their wonderful feedback and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service in the future.

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We were pleased to have our CEO featured in the latest issue of News-line. If interested, you can access the article here.

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Brad Mueli, CEO of the Denver Rescue Mission (one of our valued clients!), doesn’t just “talk” about health and wellness, he’s living it. This June he’ll be riding 475 miles across the state of Kansas to help raise money to help the less fortunate across the front range. If you’d like to support his efforts or would just like to learn more about the positive impact the Denver Rescue Mission has on so many lives, here’s the link to check it out: Go get ’em!

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This is crazy! A few days after Cheyenne Regional announced their BIG weight loss results, the City of Thornton made a similar announcement. With a smaller group, they revealed similar outcomes, dropping almost 570 pounds in their most recent contest! Congratulations to everyone who participated in this latest contest. Way to go City of Thornton!!!

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A heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the folks at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center who were participating in the most recent Weight Management Contest with their co-workers as part of their employee wellness program. This group has now lost a total of 1,404 pounds over the past 3 months by encouraging each other and maintaining accountability among their various teams. Absolutely outstanding job everyone!!!!!!!

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Yes indeed – after months of planning, the first phase of the new Wellness Nation Website has now been launched. In addition to the interesting stats flowing across the home page, you also have easy access to the blog, can find out more about many of our coaches, pull up success stories and much, learn significantly more about what we do, just to note a few of the highlights. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, and to many of our current clients for their suggestions along the way. Stay tuned – More to come!

9/15/2008 | | Share

Each year, the Harvest Moon Half Ironman Triathlon includes a Club Competition into the mix.  Different from the standard relay team, this competition involves every member of the team completing the entire event, consisting of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.  Then, the top 4 times, including at least one female team member, are combined to form a total “team time,” with the lowest combined time winning. In their first year as part of the competition, the Wellness Nation team snagged the top spot, 20 minutes ahead of the second place BikeSource team. Here are the detailed results if you’re curious:

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On a beautiful day, Wellness Nation Coaches Cathy, Ann and Jennifer joined several thousand triathletes in the Tri for the Cure event in Colorado.  

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On Sunday, August 3rd, participants in the unique Ready…Set…Live! weight management program passed another landmark, as participants completed the Evergreen Town Race 5K event.  Jennifer (pictured with Brad and Suzanna of Wellness Nation), drastically exceeded her expectations in the program, completing the event with a smile on her face and skip in her step.  “4 months ago, I didn’t think there was any way I could do this,” she said with a grin, “and now I just completed my first ever 5K!!” The Ready…Set…Live! program starts with 8 weeks of developing healthy habits, followed by gradually preparing for a specific event (usually a 5K, but many alternatives are available).  Participants consistently enter the program thinking – like Jennifer – that it’s … MORE

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Ben Greenfield recently interviewed Wellness Nation CEO Brad Cooper for his national “Train for Top Dollar” program.  Here’s the link to the podcast if you’re interested in hearing the interview in full (approximately 15 minutes in length):

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Panorama Orthopedics, one of the largest and most respected orthopedic practices in the region, has proven itself to also be one of the most forward-thinking.  They already have designed their employee wellness program through Wellness Nation, and now have decided to include dependents of employees in their wellness program. “It’s encouraging to work with a company like Panorama Orthopedics who really understands the far-reaching value of including dependents in their employee wellness program,” said Brad Cooper, CEO of Wellness Nation.  “They clearly see this not only as a way to save money on health care costs over the long haul, but also see value in terms of recruitment and retention for employees, which may turn out to be an even larger cost … MORE

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The Denver Business Journal has announced their nominations for Colorado’s “Outstanding Women in Business” Awards.  Suzanna Cooper, Chief Operating Officer for Wellness Nation, Inc made the cut and was recognized as part of a full page presentation in last week’s issue. While the humble COO greatly prefers to remain out of the limelight, this was quite an honor, as she was nominated alongside an incredible line-up of Colorado leaders. 

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Megan Hottman, wellness coach for Wellness Nation, recently rode to victory in the Women’s Pro Criterium in Niwot on July 6th.  Great job Megan!!!

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Wellness Nation, Inc is pleased to announce having been selected as the preferred employee wellness provider for the Colorado Hospital Association.  Please see for additional details about the Colorado Hospital Association, a leader in the health care industry.

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A combined team of Wellness Nation Coaches and Participating Employee Wellness Clients came together for the popular Colfax Marathon Relay.  Here’s a great shot of one of the many teams to compete.

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Wellness Nation, Inc has formed a partnership with USA Triathlon, governing body of one of the fastest growing sports in the country. “We’ve developed a special place in our hearts for triathletes over the years,” said Wellness Nation CEO Brad Cooper.  “The relationships we’ve developed with Tim Yount and others at USA Triathlon made this a simple transition.  And the fact is, that while only a small number of those with whom we work at various employer organizations ever plan to do a triathlon, those who do already get it.  USA Triathlon members understand the incredible impact good health and a focus on wellness means to their own productivity, energy levels and overall contribution at work – not to mention decreased … MORE

5/19/2008 | | Share

The Wellness Nation Team demonstrated they don’t just talk the talk, but rather also make a habit of walking the walk (or running the run!) by winning the Colfax Marathon Relay.  In defending the title they’d earned at the Denver Marathon the previous fall, the team easily won the race by more than 12 minutes over more than 400 teams in the  popular event.

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Here’s a link that’s worth the 3 minutes:

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“The guy is a rock star” said Wellness Nation CEO Brad Cooper after Lance Armstrong caught up to him at mile 22 of the Boston Marathon and they ran most of the rest of the way in together.  “The Boston Marathon is already well supported with great fans, but when Lance was there, the crowd just loved it!” said Cooper.  “Great experience all around and a great memory.”

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Consistent with the mantra of “one size fits one,” Wellness Nation has designed a completely customized Wellness Journal, available to every participating employee in the Wellness Nation program.  This journal allows each individual to identify their own goal (or goals) and chart progress toward achieving those goals, one step at a time. Not only are participants able to select their own goals and journalize in a way that fits their own temperament and style, but they can also design the actual site in any way they would like, making each person’s approach as individualized as desired.  

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Chris McCormack backed up his claim that “this would be the year” as he cruised to victory at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in October 2007.  Here he is visiting Colorado, home of the Wellness Nation, Inc corporate headquarters.  Incredible athlete!

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Wellness Nation is pleased to announce a partnership with internationally recognized and respected CEO Challenges (  CEO Challenges designs competitions specifically for CEOs in events ranging from the Ironman Triathlon to Cycling, Golf, Marathon and multiple other high-end events.

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US CORPORATE WELLNESS, INC OFFERS “BONUS BENEFITS” TO ALL PARTICIPATING EMPLOYEE CLIENTS   November 1st, 2007 –  Beginning this month, Wellness Nation has an extra gift for each of the thousands of employee clients with whom they work – bonus benefits.  Simply by accessing their Members site, they will be able to receive discounts on a number of wellness related products and services, ranging from running shoes to golf lessons.   “We don’t make a penny from these relationships,” emphasized Brad Cooper, CEO of Wellness Nation, Inc. “Our goal with this aspect was simple – we wanted to be sure that the employees who are making the effort to improve their health have access to solid providers of those products … MORE

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Wellness Nation CEO Provides Keynote for APTA Conference  October 26th, 2007 –  Wellness Nation CEO Brad Cooper provided the Keynote speech for the American Physical Therapy Association’s Student Conclave in Valley Forge, PA today.  The conference was attended by 1,500+ Masters and Doctorate students from across the country.    “What a fantastic group,” said Cooper “there are few audiences I enjoy more than the APTA students.  They have great energy and have such great optimism about the future of the Physical Therapy Industry as a whole.  I always leave this group with an extra skip in my own step.”   Cooper, also a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, has been the featured columnist for PT – The Magazine of Physical … MORE

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The Children’s Hospital, a nationally recognized hospital, has selected Wellness Nation as their employee wellness provider. “They were able to provide everything we were looking for – despite the many changes we went through during the process – and were able to do so at a very competitive rate” stated Director of Benefits, Kevin Hamilton.

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Wellness Nation, Inc. adds Certified QuitSmart Smoking Cessation Program June 23rd, 2007 – Wellness Nation, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with QuitSmart (Duke University) to train and certify their organizational smoking cessation program. “QuitSmart is one of the most respected smoking cessation programs in the country,” said Suzanna Cooper, Chief Operating Officer.“ When we were looking for the most effective program available in the market, it was clear that the Duke University QuitSmart program was a perfect fit for Wellness Nation.” Wellness Nation, Inc. is the premier national provider of customized employee wellness programs. They build programs focused on individuals to enhance the culture and strengthen the bottom line of companies across the country. # # #   … MORE