Work Your Core Standing Up
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Core training is becoming a more popular fitness trend in recent years because of its ability to strengthen muscles that move and stabilize the trunk including the abdominals and back muscles. It’s common for doctors and therapists to recommend core exercises for patients with low back problems, but now core training is becoming a priority for regular exercisers who want to relieve back pain, tone their core, and improve posture and sports performance.

A weak core can lead to a number of muscular imbalances and injuries. Fortunately, a number of exercises thatstrengthen the core can correct these problems. You may think crunches and other floor exercises are the most effective abdominal exercise, but it’s now time to take a stand. The following upright core moves will allow you to effectively work your stomach without having to hit the floor.

  1. Wood Choppers
  2. Standing Torso Twists
  3. Standing Oblique Crunch
  4. Knee Cross Crunch
  5. Kick Toe Touches

Below is a printable workout that you can add to any fitness regimen. Try to complete it a total of 3 times if you are doing as your entire workout. If you are adding it to the end of another workout, one time is all you need. Make sure not to do this on consecutive days. Your abs need rest and recovery.

If you don’t have weights, you can use a book or water bottle or nothing at all. This workout is great without weights as well.

For a printable version of this workout, CLICK HERE

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