New Starbucks “trenta” could add 60 lbs per year?
4/08/2011 | | Share

Under the heading of “Did You Know,” here’s an interesting one… When you’re ordering the new Starbucks “trenta” you’re not only getting a massive drink (31 ounces) but massive calories (up to 600) – with the potential to pack on more than 60 extra pounds in one year.

“An extra 200 calories per day will lead to a weight gain of about 2 pounds per month, or 21 pounds per year, so an extra 600 calories could mean an increase in weight of upwards of 63 pounds in a year,” said Jessica Bartfield, MD, internal medicine and medical weight-loss specialist at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, part of the Loyola University Health System. “The new “trenta” will offer 4 – 5 cups of coffee in one serving, and unfortunately the additional caffeine will not “burn off” the excess calories,” continued Dr. Bartfield.

“People need to recognize that that drinks are not necessarily innocent ways to quench our thirst, boost our energy, or satisfy a sweet tooth,” she said. “Drinks are rather sneaky sources (usually) of empty calories – nutritionally deplete.”

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